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Himalaya Karakorum Gilgit Baltistan Salajeet

Shilajit or Shilajit a mineral pitch has amazing advantages for human being. Our Silajit product which is known as world best ever Himalaya Karakoram Gilgit Baltistan Salajeet Siachen provides following benefits..

Silajit Benefits

Rightly labeled as the wonder ingredient, Silajit is the ultimate powerhouse of anti-oxidants, minerals and nutrients that help maintain the body healthy and active. Silajit can come to rescue in an innumerable conditions or diseases.

Silajit is in a form resins. These resins ooze out of the mountains when the summer heat struck them. Silajit is natively known to belong to the Himalayan Mountain. When the end product of plant matter stays under pressure over a long time, it is decomposed into this compound and then preserved below the rocks of the mountain.

Ushan Virya
a well-known characteristic of Silajit is its high potency in terms of nature. Owing to this property, it can help one get rid of painful ailments such as arthritis, inflammation, gout. It also works extremely well to reduce back pain or muscular pains.

the pathogen scavenging molecules in it, make Silajit a major indication in inflammatory skin reactions, rashes or allergy, asthma. It anti-inflammatory function is accompanied by that of steroidal hormone. It specifically resembles the action of a glucocorticoid; betamethasone.

Boosts nervous system
naturally occurring, purified form of Silajit is abundant in chemicals which enhance mental strength. It is not only about cutting down the frequency of mood fluctuations but it exclusively indicated in patients of depression, mental stress, epilepsy and mental fatigue. It helps increases the ability to focus and learning skills. It helps increase IQ levels as well.

Gastrointestinal health
The research and results of using Silajit for gastrointestinal disorders have confirmed that it is the perfect anti-dote to constipation, gastritis, indigestion or abdominal pain.

Enhances Immunity
It has been discovered that intake of Silajit as a supplement results in stronger immunity. Silajit itself also has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties to save the human body from the wrath of a foreign invasion.

Respiratory system
It easies breathing in a patient suffering from asthma, suppresses normal cough it has also been proven to work well against upper respiratory tract infection. It has an exclusive function as that of a mucoid i.e. helps the outflow of sputum or thick mucus. It is not only good for the treat of respiratory problems but also their prophylaxis.

Urinary system
A healthy urinary tract is incredibly important because renal diseases are very painful as well as common. Use of Silajit helps one get rid of burning micturition caused by a urinary tract infection because it cleans off the whole passage that urine goes through, for being voided. It also ensures proper functioning of kidney. Silajit it extremely useful in crushing kidney stones or urinary tract calculi as well.

Exclusive benefits for men
Silajit just might be a little more popular in males than in females because it is often used to treat impotency and male erectile dysfunction. It also increases testosterone levels when taken by the elderly ones to for increasing libido and thickening of scalp hair.

Gives energy and builds muscle mass
Silajit is the power ingredient for people who feel weak, fatigued or are very skinny to gain some muscular mass by more efficient absorption and a healthy increase in the appetite. The energy given by Silajit helps one exercise and ultimately to stay fit.