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gilgit baltistan dried mulberry wholesale

gilgit baltistan dried mulberry wholesale

Others Benefits

  • Promotes Hair growth.
    Reduces blood glucose level.
    Detoxifies and cleanses blood.
    Lower blood cholesterol.
    Prevents dehydration.
    Improves vision.
    Increase appetite.


Gilgit Baltistan Dried Mulberry


This delicious and succulent fruit is grown in the Northern Areas of Pakistan and sun-dried especially for you to enable you to stock up on this super fruit. You might find mulberry flavored jams, tea, box juices or even preserved mulberries in a can but nothing beats organic dried mulberries for a number of reasons. They are free preservatives and can be used as a snack anytime anywhere.

Nutritional Values
Dried mulberries according to their weight have 14% proteins and 17% fiber. This percentage of proteins and fiber content in dried mulberries is fairly higher than that found in other berries and fruits. The rest of it is 70% carbohydrates and only 3% of its weight accounts for the fat content.

It is abundant in Vitamins like C, E and K1. It has been discovered that dried mulberries are a great source of iron, calcium, folate, Niacin and thiamine. Dried mulberries are also rich in anti-oxidants and flavonoids.

Reduces the risk of cancer
the occurrence of cancer among people is becoming more frequent than ever before all around the globe due to increased exposure to food that ultimately causes free radical oxidative damage and other factors causing mutations. However, this super snack tends to reduce the possibility of occurrence of cancer incredibly.

Mulberries are enriched with scavengers of anything that might have a potential of causing oxidative damage. Hence, dried mulberries can work effortlessly to cut down oxidative stress of our body cells. This reduces the risk of cancer and also stunt the growth of any already existing tumor, especially that of prostate cells.

Boosts immunity
a strong immunity can help you avoid a big number of infections without any medicine or major precautions. The abundant amount of vitamin C, anti-oxidants and flavonoids boosts immunity. Researches have stated that an intake of dried mulberries over a few weeks has proved to help people avoid and get rid of cold and flu. It is also known to heal gastritis which is the inflammation of stomach lining, and manifests as acidity and stomach pain. This super fruit also helps a speedy recovery from an ailment like chronic hepatitis.

Dried Mulberries are often advised to patients after they have had a surgery or an operation. It not only helps heals the skin cut, but it improves blood circulation all around the body. A good blood circulation in post-operative patients ensures the prevention of DVT as well as infection and prolonged inflammation.

Skin benefits
If you have to choose one fruit to get rid of maximum kinds of skin problems, dried mulberries should be the one to be chosen. They detoxify our body, introduces radiance to the facial skin and rejuvenates skin cells. The steam made from mulberries in hot water helps open up skin pores and cleanses the skin.

The benefits include:

1. Has an anti-ageing effect.
2. Useful against skin problems.
3. Makes the skin soft.
4. Makes the skin glow.