Delivering to the world most pure and natural products of Himalaya Karakoram from the Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan. We have varieties of the natural & organic products of Himalaya Karakoram mountain region including herbals, dry fruits, gems, stones decoration pieces, home made products, traditional wears and enrich minerals health products.

Salajeet Shilajit

Himalaya Karakoram Products proudly delivering world’s best ever Salajeet Shilajit from the Gilgit Baltistan where world highest peaks, highest glacier Siachen, and the second-highest plateau Deosai plain located. These un-substitute locations and climates make our make Salajeet Shilajit best in all over world.We used local mountain’s climber to bringing it from the highest and treacherous peaks of western Himalayas. Regarding Salajeet products our three websites are online global Shilajit website, Urdu language Silajit website and Himalayan Salajeet website with jam-pack information. Know More

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Dried Mulberry

This delicious and succulent fruit is grown in the Gilgit Baltistan Known as Northern Areas of Pakistan and sun-dried especially for you to enable you to stock up on this super fruit. You might find mulberry flavored jams, tea, box juices or even preserved mulberries in a can but nothing beats organic dried mulberries for a number of reasons. They are free preservatives and can be used as a snack anytime anywhere. Himalaya Karakorum Products proudly present pure dried mulberry which are collected from famous places of Ghanche Khaplu Gilgit Baltistan. Know More

Himalayan Sea Buckthorn products

Sea Buckthorn

The sea Buckthorn is turning into more and more famous for its brilliant variety of recovery properties! Sea-Buckthorn is a thorny shrub that grows close to rivers and in sandy soil along the Indus and Sheyok river of Himalaya Karakorum Gilgit Baltistan in Pakistan and other world where it's been used for hundreds of years in traditional scientific packages. We are offering  Seabuckthron products like its dried leaves,seeds oil, jam, powder and juices which are all best for use to many home remedies. Know More

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Buckwheat contains no gluten that is why it may be eaten by people with celiac diseases and gluten allergies. Many bread-like preparations have been developed. Buckwheat might possibly contain some proteins similar to those found in wheat gluten.People of Gilgit Baltistan and Tibetain are using buckwheat flour as homemade remedy from the long years ago because of its high quantities of minerals and diverse antioxidants. It has additionally been proven to offer fitness advantages, along with progressed blood sugar control.They're the main factor in lots of traditional Tibetain dishes. Know More

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